Small Groups

See the list below for more details of our Winter Small Groups.

Growing together and getting connected through small groups is a major part of our church's DNA.  Our Small Groups ministry offers a wide variety of groups catering to all ages and walks of life.  These groups meet in 4-8 week sessions that occur three times per year; 

  • Winter session generally runs from late January/early February until just before Easter.
  • Spring session runs for about 4-6 weeks after Easter and before summer break.
  • Fall session runs from about September till mid November.

TO REGISTER FOR A SMALL GROUP - click here to contact Pastor Josh Kloes.

2020 winter small groups

Men’s Thursday Night Bible Study: 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 7pm at Baker’s Square in La Grange.  

Leader: Gary Giovannelli, Doug Kading, John Anderson

This group is open to men interested in a time of food, fellowship, and a study of God’s word.  The group’s next meeting will be on February 6th at Baker Square, 942 S. La Grange Rd, in La Grange.


Parents of Tots: Thursdays at 10am at Hope Church (LG) Starting February 6th

Leader: Dana Conlan

Parents/Guardians and kids are invited to this fun play group in our multi-purpose facility.  The kids play while the adults enjoy fellowship.


College/Early Career Women’s Group: Every Tuesday, 7pm. Starting February 4th. 

Leader: Rachel Kloes

This group will be reading Trustworthy: A study of the life and character of Daniel, by Kay Burnett.  Embark on this study and answer God’s call to be faithful and trustworthy, showing other believers the peace Jesus grants in an uncertain world.


Men’s Early Morning Group:  Thursdays, 6:30am at Hope Church (LG). 

Starting February 6th

Leader: Josh Kloes

This group is for men of all ages, and meets for prayer, fellowship, and a discussion of the book The Measure of a Man by Gene Getz.  The book is $12 on Amazon.


College Students Group:  Every other Friday, 7:00pm. Starting February 7th.

Leaders: Josh & Rachel Kloes

This group is specifically for students who are in college.  We’ll eat and hang out, as we go through “How’s Your Soul” by Judah Smith. 


Women's Early Morning Group: Tuesdays, 6:30am at Hope Church (LG), starting Feb 4th

Leaders: Leigh Ann Anderson and Dawn Kooistra

This women’s group will be reading and discussing 20/20 Seen, Chosen, Sent by Christine Caine. In this 7-session study, you’ll develop a new understanding of how God sees you and has chosen you to help make Jesus’ name known on this planet.


Women’s Friday Night Group: every other Friday at 7pm, starting February 7th.

Leader: Jeanette Rodriguez

This women’s group will do a video study by Christine Caine called, Unashamed. This five-session study weaves personal stories with biblical examples of people who failed but overcame their shame to show how God heals us and redeems us.


Women’s Friday Night Group: every other Friday at 7pm, starting February 7th

Leader: Sheila Bartolomei

This women’s group will read and discuss the book, You Are the Girl for the Job: Daring to Believe the God Who Calls You, by Jess Connolly.  The book is $10 on Amazon.


Young at Heart: Thursdays, 1pm at Hope Church, starting February 6th.

Leader: Victor Burbulys

Those 55 and wiser are invited to join in this small group study; “The Comeback” by Louie Giglio.  All of us have a time in our life where only God can bring us through.  We may be asking:  God, do you see me; do you know me; do you still have a plan for my life?  That’s when we need a “Comeback”. 


Men’s Tuesday Evening Group:  Tuesdays, 7pm. Starting February 4th

Leader: Brad Rodemoyer

This men’s group will meet at Brad’s home and read and discuss the book Kingdom Man by Tony Evans. Discover how you can become the man God intended.  The book is $14 on


Women’s “Bible Study habits, tips and tricks” Group: Every Monday, 6:30pm. Starting February 3rd. 

Leader: Jordan Arias

This group is for ladies only (no childcare).  Do you feel daunted by reading the Bible?  Are you hungry for scripture but don’t know where to start?  Come bring your journal, your Bible, highlighters or colored pencils and let’s discover creative ways to make the Bible come alive!


Parenting on Purpose: every Sunday from 3-4:30pm starting February 2nd.

Leader: Dave & Pam Palmer

This group will be walking through Pastor Chris Hodges' series, Parenting on Purpose. This is a 7-session short video series covering topics from marriage to character and discipline. Childcare is available (please pitch in $5 for babysitter)


Men’s Thursday Evening Group:  Thursdays, 7pm Starting February 6th

Leader: Hugh Marchmont

This men’s group will meet at Hugh’s home and read and discuss the book Prodigal God by Tim Keller.



Hope Midway Hosted Groups


Hope Midway Men’s Group:

Saturdays at 9am at Hope Midway (6059 S. Archer Ave, Chicago)

Starting February 8th, Leader: Ray Sanchez

This men’s Bible study is open to all men for a time of fellowship and prayer and will be going through the study Play the Man by Mark Batterson.   


Covenants of God: Sundays at Noon.  Starting February 2nd

Leader: Chris Bajzer

This group is open to all and is a Bible study, after church on Sundays.


“Uninvited” by Lisa Terkeurst: Thursdays at 6:30pm.  Starting February 6th. 

Leader: Dianna Ulmer

This video group is open to all and will be based on the book Uninvited by Lisa Terkheurst.


College/Early Career Small Group:

Mondays, 7pm at Hope Midway

Leader: Hannah Stanford

Starting February 3rd

This group will focus on the book Called to Create by Jordan Raynor. 


Hope Midway Women’s Group:

Saturdays, 9am at Hope Midway

Leader: Jen Molodecki

Starting February 8th

This women’s group will be going through Praying the Names of Jesus by Ann Spangler.


Study through the Book of John

Fridays at 7pm.  Starting February 7th

Leader: Gloria Corral

This group is open to all and is a Bible study of the Gospel of John.


“The Naked Marriage” Marriage Group:

Bi-weekly Sundays at 5:00pm.  Starting Feb 9th.

Leaders: Oscar & Caroline Cuellar.

This group for married couples will meet every other Sunday at the Cuellar’s home and go through the book study, The Naked Marriage by Dave & Ashley Willis.  The book is $15 on Amazon


Bilingual Small Group:

Thursdays, 7pm at Hope Church Midway

Leaders: Pastor Louie & Veronica Borjas

Starting February 6th

This group is open to all and is a study of the Beatitudes. It is led by our Iglesia Hope Pastors Louie and Veronica Borjas